Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rain and Snow

Hey what is with this weather. First rain. They said we broke the record for rain set in 1919. We had 2 and1/4 in today. Then this afternoon it started snowing. I can't wait till we head south. Will be right after Christmas. I took a few pictures so here they are
Anybody for a swim. Lot of water on top. It ran over the other day

The truck is ready to head south too. It was lubed and oil changed last week. Now just have to get the trailer back Getting brakes checked and bearings greased.

Here is the front yard with the little pile of leaves that I vacumed last week. Glad that I got that done. Well that is that for tonight. Tomorrow I need to go get my new lenses for my glasses. Also need to get our new drivers licenses. We are both due by next year. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Just looking at those pictures of makes me cold.

  2. Looks pretty. I guess you can be glad that the 2 l/4 inches of rain wasn't also snow. You would have been snowed in.