Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pretty boring

We have not done much the last couple of days. Thelma did laundry on Tues and then about 4 we left to have a valentines dinner at Sizzling grill. Great food. Still have some leftovers. This afternoon we took a pontoon ride of the lake here with our friends Art and Judy. Was a nice trip. Sun was going down a little and it was nice and cool riding on the pontoon. We had some leftovers for supper. We only have 2 weeks left here. We will leave on March 1st to start for Tallahassee for the retiree rally.  Not sure just where yet. Need to plan that out.  Well that is it for tonight later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. We will be at Fred Gannon State Park until March 6, not too far from Tallahassee if you need a campsite for a few days before the Rally. Jack & Barb

  2. nothing wrong with a day of rest...after the last couple of weeks you've folks had a day of rest is just what the doctor ordered!!