Thursday, February 23, 2012

To the gulf

Today we went and picked up some friends in Arcadia and went to a state park on the gulf. Well first we had a great lunch. I had a big fish sandwich. It had bassa in it. Good. Had it blackened. We sat on the beach for and hour or so and then headed back. I only took a few pics.  Should have taken one of the gulf. Here is a couple of them
This is a Great Blue Heron. The guy fishing had feed him a fish so he was waiting for some more. He stayed there till the guy left. Then flew off.
Just a sea gull. Lots of them there
And then there was para sailing. Not my thing. Looked like fun We had a great day Thanks Tom and Judith. That was it for today Kinda of a long day. Eli sure was glad to see us.  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. What?? No para sailing for you? Can't imagine why not. There is no way you would catch me anywhere near that kind of thing. Love the bird waiting to be fed more fish.

  2. Amanda went parasailing years ago when we went to Florida. She really enjoyed it. She said the view was awesome. Could see right down in the water. I don't think I would like it though since I don't really like heights. Where did you go on the gulf.

  3. being petrified of heights parasailing is not something I'd ever be able to try...looks like you had a great day!!!