Saturday, January 30, 2010


Boy This wind has got to go. It has been windy all day. This morning Thelma and I went to a resturant and has breakfast buffet. Seniors get half price so it was pretty good price. They charge 1.99 for coffee. So they get some of it back. You can have them make and omlet for you It was good. We then drove over to Fl. Didn't realize we were that close. We then went back to one of the state park beaches and there was some people trying to surf on the waves

Don't know how they did it as the wind was really cold. I know they wear some kind of suit but even then it had to be cold. This evening we went to a church here in GS Mo Synod. St Judes by the Sea. They were not very friendly. The pastor did not even ask us where we were from or anything. Don't know if we will go there again or check out one of the others. We like to Sat night service as neither one of us likes getting up on Sunday Morning. The pastor preached a good sermon. I think tomorrow morning we will go to ryans for breakfast buffet. Only 4.99. Can't hardly beet that price and its not that far from here. Well guess that's about it from here tonight. Tomorrow is another day. Will see what it brings. Supposed to be a little warmer and sun shining. Hope Hope Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. When we moved to MO we visited about 10 churches and most of them were not at all friendly. The one we go to now was the only one that was friendly.

  2. Sorry to hear it is so windy. Probably a lot of it comes off the gulf. $4.99 is really a good price for a buffet. We have been to the Ryan's breakfast buffet in Marion and thought it was good.

  3. You would think if it is a small church, they would be more friendly, especially knowing there might be snowbirds attending. Sometimes large churches don't know who the visitors are. But you said the pastor preached a good sermon, so I guess that counts for something. As for the wind, maybe it is always a little windy, being on the gulf. Just last week when we were at Cape Canaveral, it was windy and when we were in Sarasota, it was also windy.