Friday, January 15, 2010

One more day

Well we have one more day here before we leave on Sun morning. We spent most of the day putting stuff out in the camper. Gary came out this afternoon to help. He carried the boxes to the door. I carried them to the camper and Thelma put them on the cupboard and them put the stuff away. It went a lot faster that way. I brought our folding bicycles up from the shed and Gary helped me put them in the truck bed. It is a tight fit. We don't always carry them as they are hard to haul and we don't use them when just on weekends. Since we will be in one place for awhile thought we would take them. I also put our 50 amp cord in so we can run two electric heaters. We still have some stuff to put in. My cameras and puter. They will go in the truck Sun morning. I have one load of clothes to do tomorrow. That will be it. I did two loads today in between packing. Guess that's about it for now. Don't know if I will post tomorrow or wait till 'Sunday eve when we get to Nashville. Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Sounds like you have everything pretty well wrapped up there. What are folding bicycles. I guess I have never seen any. Hope you have good weather. Be safe and will look forward to your updates.

  2. I guess I don't know what folding bicycles are either, but as you say, if you are going to be in one place for a while it might be nice to have them. This whole thing is a somewhat new experience for you even though you have been gone for some periods of time in the summer. Will say a prayer for safe travel for you. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  3. Was just thinking about the bicycles. How is Thelma's knee and will she be able to ride it very much?