Monday, January 18, 2010

On the move

We moved today from Nashville to Elkmont. Al. We are in a small campground. The picture here was taken at the rest area in Al. Talk about a wide load. I cant get my blogger to work right tonight. it is writing right to left I wanted to add another picture Dont know if I can get it to work or not. Boy is this a pain in you know where. I got the picture to upload. It is at the rest area as you come into Alabama. The visitor center was closed today due to Mlk. So couldn;t get much info. Well guess that is about all for tonight. We don't have cell phone here so had to drive back into the little town to call Gary and Sherryl. Later from a different place tomorrow. Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. After your post yesterday, I "googled" Gulf Shores and then went to a web site for the area. Looks like that will really be nice. Tonight I looked on the map for Elkmont but couldn't find it. It said on the web...near Decatur, Huntsville. What was the space/rocket thing in the picture?

  2. Hey Snow Birds, I hope this finds you doing well and the weather is getting warmer as you head south. Not much going on here, just cold and we are suppose to have freezing fog tonight.

    Take care!