Thursday, January 28, 2010

Staying here.

We have been trying to stay here a month but things were not working out. I kept checking with the campground registration every day and nada. This morning we knew some people were leaving so went up to the reg building They had already put someone on it. Figured we would have to move to another campground. We went to Target this afternoon and I asked Thelma on the way in should I stop and ask. She said it is up to you. Didn't have anything to lose so stopped. Guy asked can we help you. I said do you have anything open for a month. He and another lady went to their board and looked and then said yes we do. So we can stay on the lot we are on till the first of March. This evening or late afternoon as it was around 5:00 we drove over to the public beach. I took some pictures of the sunset. I will post one here.We want to go to the beach in the daylight. Not sure when. They are talking about rain tomorrow. Sure glad we don't have to move. Guess that's about it tonight. We need to go to the post office tomorrow to see about getting mail down here. Talked to Gary tonight and finally our mail arrived at their house. Took 8 days. Good old government at work. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli.


  1. Glad it worked out that you don't have to move. That's a beautiful sunset picture.

  2. Glad you were able to stay. Makes things a lot easier for you. Tom and I always love to watch the sunset over the water when we are in Florida. God's beautiful creation!

  3. Are you posting any of your pictures on google or anyway?