Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the road again

We are at Nashville country campground just north of Nashville. Got here 3:30 EST. We are on Central time now so we gained an hour or did we lose an hour. No think we gained. We are heading to Gulf Shores for about a month. Eli gets nervous when we start carring stuff out. We usually tries to go to the camper with Thelma. We tried this time to keep him in the house most of the time as the driveway was messy. I have to figure out where we are going to stay tomorrow. We traveled 402 miles today. Will not do that tomorrow. We knew we needed to get this far to be able to put water in the camper. We got all the pink stuff out. We left this morning at around 7:00. Went to the Miicky Dees and got breakfast. Then I couldn"t remember if I shut the Garage door or not. So went back by the house. The G door was shut but I had forgot to turn of the porch light. So stopped on the road and put flashers on and turned the light off. Then we we wer almost to Indy I remembered we forgot the cooler. Didn't have a whole lot in so Gary is going to put the stuff in the fridge. We will probably buy a styrofoam cheepy. That's about it for tonight. We had rain in In. and Ky. It was not a real bad drive. Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. It is always hard to remember everything. I can remember once when we had to come back twice. But we weren't very far away. I think you actually gained an hour. Hope your weather is good traveling. Be safe.

  2. Our dogs used to get nervous, too, when we got out the suitcases. Not so much when only Dennis did, because he traveled a lot, but when I did, well, they knew something was up. We are always forgetting whether the garage door is shut or not. I don't know how many times I have gotten just a half mile away from the house and turned back to check. It is always closed. Except one time a few months ago, we left together, and when we came home, the garage door was open. Fortunately, everything was okay. When we are actually leaving on a trip, we seem to think about it a little more, but have still forgotten other things.

  3. But the real question is - what about the iron or the stove?? ;-)