Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another gorgeous day

Another great day here at East Bank COE. This campground is on Lake Seminole. It is on the Fl Ga line. It has 37,000 acres of water, 376 miles of shoreline and over 22,000 acres of land. This lake is humongous. Today Thelma and I drove over to the dam. They generate power here. When we drove the road to the dam we went from Ga to Fl and then back again. Our phones are on Central time and the campground here is on Eastern. The tower for cell phones is on the Fl side of the lake. Some of the stations for TV are from Fl are on CDT. Well Here are some pictures from today including a couple of sunsets.
Now for a little wildlife around here Haven't seen a whole lot.
Here is our lot Sure is nice
Well that is it for tonight. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Think we might run into the town down the road a bit and see what it has. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli