Monday, March 5, 2012

Friends and COE

Well we made it to the COE park here on the FL GA line. It is a bueatiful place Here is a picture of the sun going down right behind us
Here is another one
Now here is a couple from the MOC that we went out to dinner with Sunday afternoon. Good mexican food and good visit with friends They have a Greyhound called Sunshine. She is such a sweetheart.
This is Jim, Carol and Sunshine. She is in the middle. She about went crazy when whe we got back from eating. We had to replace the battery in the trailer. It was shot. That was why the slide would not come in. It took them a little over and hour to fix it. This place is called Tri-am trailer sales. They are in Ocala. Great service and friendly bunch of people. We got here around 4 this afternoon. Well that is it for tonight  later all RonThelma and Eli