Thursday, March 29, 2012

Laid back day

This morning we went to the Waffle house here for breakfast After that we went to the Laundromat to wash some clothes. That should be the last we do till we get home. Then this afternoon I washed the front end of the truck and front of the Montana. Boy I don't think we ever had that many bugs. Not sure where we got them all. Still not all off the front of trailer. They might wait till we get home. I really don't want to get out the ladder here. It is a lot cleaner than it was.  Well that is it for tonight Not sure what else we will do tomorrow. Possible go out for lunch We have a couple of coupons for an appetizer or dessert at one of the restaurants. Later all. Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. Waffle House - my sister's favorite place. She drags us there every chance she gets. Bugs on the front of our Montana drive me crazy but poor Jim gets tired of wiping it off every day even when we're not traveling. So I've tried to relax a little bit about them. Be safe.