Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy two days

Yesterday I did the Garage Pass tours. It was a lot of fun. We hit 5 shops. Roush Fenway, Joe Gibbs, Penske Stewart Haas. Ernhardt Gannsi and last Hendricks They have a big museum there. We left at *:30 and got back a little before 5. Thelma did not go. Today Thelma did some laundry this morning and then this afternoon we took a tour of Charlotte Motor Speedway. Rode around the track in a van. They went pretty fast. Tonight there is a legends race at the track . They will use a short track for it. Hope it cools off some. It is so stinking hot here.  I will have some pictures of what we  have done here when I get home and have good wifi to upload. I put some on FB. Last night. Guess that's it for now Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. We've been stuck in the mid to high 90's for a while and it's not going to get better until maybe Sunday. Hot & Humid! Barb

  2. The Temps here have been in the 90s but with the humidity the heat index has been around 108. Tom and I went to Shipshewana this morning. It was cloudy most of the time but even then it was really humid. First time I have ever gone where I didn't get all the way thru.