Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We are here

We got here to the campvention site this morning about 11:00. We got set up and had a little lunch and then Thelma went with Carol and did laundry. A weeks worth. We had brought a couple of things from home since she had done the laundry on Monday and we left on Wed. Yes passport america is a half price camping buisness. We have to pay for it each year. But it has paid for itself every year that we have had it. Some of the campgrounds we have stayed in have not been the best but for the price not that bad. Sometimes we hafe wondered about some of the places. This last one was quite the one. So far back in.
 We went to Wally world this afternoon. Got a few things Came back and did our registration. Thats about it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. I guess the campground that was so far back in is for those who really want to camp the old time way and get away from it all but still have a few amenities--or maybe they're running the place on a small budget.