Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moving tomorrow

Tomorrow Thelma and I go into the fairgrounds . The couple that was here with us left this morning. They are in charge of the gulf carts and had to be there to unload them. We will leave here sometime in the morning and then after lunch Thelma and Carol are going to the laundry. We are also going to hit up Wal mart. I also need to find propane place as one tank is empty. Yes this place is in a remote place. Not very well kept up. It is passport so only 13 a night. I wouldn't pay the regular price for here. If it had a little TLC it might not be so bad. It is not that big. Tonight Thelma and I went into the little town and had supper. Really nice place Only people in there. Had a nice visit with the waitress. Well That is about it for tonight  Not sure how much blogging I will do after this thing starts Will try and at least do a couple of updates  Later  Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. Is Passport something you have to belong to and is there a fee involved? I take it from your post that you get really reduced rates at those campgrounds. Sounds like busy days ahead this week.