Saturday, July 23, 2011

Home tomorrow

We will be getting home tomorrow. WE are in Fletcher Ohio tonight. Decided not to make it a long. Day. Got here about 3 and set up. Since the jacks on the front are not working we are staying hooked up. Had to pull into a grassy site backwards I guess. They are not fussy here. They don;t have sewer hookups. So will have to use the dump station when we leave tomorrow. We are going to just sleep till we wake up and then have breakfast. Pancakes. It will take us about 3 hrs to get home. If we don't make to many pit stops. We ran into rain a lot today. It rained hard a couple of times. That is the most rain we have had in traveling the last 4 weeks. Will be nice to get home and get the parts for the jacks. I still have work on the pictures that I took. Over 1000 to sort through. Will be at it for a week or so. Well that is it for tonight. The Verizon signal is not all that good here. Later all 'Ron Thelma and Eli

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