Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finally some sun

Today we saw the sun again. It has been some cloudy rainy days here in Foley. It rained all day yesterday on and off. We did make a run toWal Mart as I needed some cash. You can get it there when you buy groceries. We were going to go to a church in Foley but it was raining so hard and dark and not sure where it was so we did not go. We are planning on Sat night going to the one in Gulf Shores. We went to that one 3years ago when we were down here. Think I can find it. Tomorrow we are going to run up to Camping World to get a new seal for the toilet. It is leaking where the two parts are clamped together. Then a couple of stops along the way. The big thing today was watching the cruise ship Triumph coming into Mobile.They had a fire in the engine room and lost all power. Towed in to Mobile as they have a cruise terminal that hasn't been used for a year. They had the fire on Sun night so have been floating till the tug boats got to them Monday Bad cruise. this is a carnival line. Good plublicty for them Well guess that is it for tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Watched them tow that ship on TV this morning. What a disaster that was. I feel sorry for all those folks. We're having some gorgeous weather here in AZ and I think it's moving your way so hopefully you'll get some of this sunshine.

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