Friday, February 22, 2013

Rain Rain Rain

Today was a rainy day. It started last night and has been raining off and on all day.Not sure how much we have gotten. We went for Mexican tonight and it was raining when we got back. Thelma may do laundry tomorrow. Depends on the weather. we also need to go to the grocery in the next few days. Oh the Mexican food was good. Thelma and I both brought home an enchilada. Couldn't eat all I had. Couldn't understand what some of them were saying. I need to take a propane tank up in the morning to get it filled. The cold weather has taken a beating on the propane use. Maybe it will warm up some now. Supposed to get in the 70s next week. We move on Thursday. Not sure if I mentioned that Thelma and I both bought new Sketchers last week. They had a special where you bought one you got the second at half price. Not bad. Well that is it for tonight. later all Ron Thelma and Eli

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