Thursday, February 28, 2013

In Louisina

We arrived here this afternoon around 4. When I was backing in I ran over a sewer cap. The campground manager swore at me and said I was going to hit the electric post. Boy I was mad. When I do the campground review I will give it a nonfavable listing. Interstate 10 coming over was pretty good most of the way. We hit one area that was like a washboard. Shook everything up. I am using my mifi tonight as I can't get the wifi to work that good. We do have good cable. On the way we saw 2 troopers have a car pulled over with all four doors open and looking in the trunk. Not sure what that was about. We stopped at a Hardees in Foley this morning for breakfast. We got started pretty good time. We saw the cruise ship that was towed into Mobile last week. It is being worked on. Well  guess that is it for tonight. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. I need to find my cable to lock my electrical meter to the post. Couldn't find it when we got here and didn't want to spend a bunch of time looking for it. Later  all Ron Thelma and Eli

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