Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another day gone

Today we went to the post office and picked up mail. Gary had sent it last Sat. Not sure when it arrived. Had a bunch of tax stuff so got started on that. Still neeed some sent. Then we stopped at walmart for some fuel and groceries. The truck eats too you know. The Mobile Suites is a brand of trailer that is a higher class than the Montana. Do a search for them on google. The Medium Duty freightliner is between a pickup and big semi. International makes a chassis that a guy in Texas uses for the same thing. The fort we went to was Fort Morgan. There is a couple of Forts over in Mobile that we want to see. Hope we don't run out of time. This evening we went and played bingo. Every body brings a $1.00 gift and then you can play. Thelma got a package of chips. We are expecting 3-4 inches of rain tonight. Might need a pontoon Tomorrow. We are going to the nature center tomorrow morning to see a video on the Hurricane Ivan that came through here. Should be interesting. Thats about it for tonight Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Sounds like you guys are really keeping busy. Have you had any time to relax. How did you get your mail - did you get a post office box for a short-term.

  2. Is this the rainy season down there? Hope it lets up so you can spend more time outdoors. That is sure what I would want to do. I was wondering too, how you get the mail. Maybe just General Delivery at that Post Office and you have to pick it up from the Postmaster

  3. Our truck does not eat but it sure drinks a lot.