Saturday, February 6, 2010

Laid back day

About the only thing we did today was take a drive over to orange beach. Wanted to find the place that has dolphin trips. We found the place just have to have a nice day. This evening we went to the Lutheran church here in GS. If I had to go to this church every week I would find a different one real quick. They are not friendly at all. We thought about going to one of the other ones. One has a service at 3:00 on Sat Afternoon. That is too early I think. Well We only have a few more weeks till we go to Fl. Guess that's about it for tonight. Later All Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. It is a Lutheran church. the chances are about 9 out of 10 that it is not going to be friendly.

  2. Hope you get that nice day to go on the dolphin trip and that you get to see them good enough to get pictures.

  3. Looks like more storms in the forecast, either rain or snow. We are getting some snow today. But surely there will be some nice days in the next three weeks when you'll be able to do the dolphin trip and other things.

    I guess our Lutheran church out here is the 1 out of 10 then, because I think it's a friendly church for the most part, especially considering it's a large church,making it more difficult to know who the visitors are. Maybe you need to try a Sunday morning service. Ha!