Thursday, February 11, 2010

It MIGHT snow

I don't believe that down here when they think they might get snow they call of school. We had the radio on this afternoon when we were driving and they were canceling schools since it might snow. Down here an inch or more is big big time stuff. They are getting trucks loaded with sand. Dont know if they have anykind of plows or not. But we think it is really funny. I wonder if they bought out the grocery stores of bread and milk like they do up north. This morning we went to a expo thingy over in orange beach. It was kinda neat. Got some free things and beads. hurah. It was for trying to get people to use the condos and stuff like that. It was pretty interesting. The place they had it was a condo building with three sections. A three bedroom unit with 3 baths and kitchen living dining room was only 2000 a month. It had two inside pools workout rooms 2 of them that we saw. I guess it would be okay if you had the money. The lady at the welcome center that we stopped at on the way back to the trailer said it is high dollar. Guess so. We have had a little sleet here late this afternoon . We went into the post office and picked up a package that Gary sent with mail, dog treats for eli that he bought and dog food that we forgot plus some snacks that we forgot. They arrived today. He mailed it Monday afternoon so that wasn't too bad. The weather here has been the worst in years. Talked to Barb Blomback this afternoon and she said it has not been good in Fl either. They are moving I think tomorrow someplace north of where they are. She said they are not coming to Fl next year. It has not been good each time they have been down here. I said at least we don't have to shovel snow. Well That's about it for tonight Don't know what we will do tomorrow. Which I had my sled here. Ha Later Ron Thelma andEli


  1. I know it is not the best weather but it is 6 degrees right now with a windchill of -6. It is already 1 degree colder than TWC says it was supposed to get to. I'm sure it is really disappointing to have the cool weather you are having but just keep thinking about us freezing our b.... off up here in the north. It will make it feel warmer.

  2. That's pretty funny that they call it off if they just might get snow. They probably don't have plows. Wouldn't make sense money-wise to invest in them. If you do get some, it probably won't last long. Saw on TV tonight where Dallas/Ft Worth was getting several inches and they were expecting snow all through LA, MS and AL and maybe the Pensacola, FL area. Crazy! Our winter out here in CO has not been that bad so far, although I think it's been colder than it has for a few years. We'll get ours during the spring snows. Well, your first year as snowbirds, and maybe you'll see snow. This, too, shall pass.

  3. You are the victims of Global Cooling. Comes from too much hot air concentrated in Washington DC and sucks all the warmth out of the rest of the country.