Monday, February 1, 2010

Laundry Day

This morning we went to Mickey D's and had breakfast. Then went to the laundromat. Think it took about 2 hrs. It was pretty crowded when we got there. It was thinning out when we left. A lot of northerner's in there. Talked to some people from Dayton,Ohio. I went this afternoon to the nature center at the park and uploaded the pictures I have taken so far. When you go to the site look for the gulf shore one also uploaded is Fort Morgan. Hope to get some more in soon. The weather is just not cooperating. Tomorrow we are meeting some Montana owners for lunch at O'Charleys in Foley. Not sure what else we will do. Not much else new.
Here is the link

Enjoy More to come later Ron Thelma and My Buddy Eli


  1. Really nice pictures. I love the sunsets on the water. Was the tour of Fort Mobile self-guided. Sometimes those are better cause you can take your time but you don't always get the full picture.

  2. A bunch of northerners in there. Like from - oh, maybe northern Indiana.

  3. Nice pictures. As to the weather, I guess that means that even down south they get some winter, or inclement weather. Not like you would be having back in IN though. Is the laundromat right there at the campground?

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