Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday parades

Today was parade day. We went this morning to the one in Gulf Shores and Then stopped at the trailer and let Eli out. Then on to Orange Beach for their parade. After that stopped and picked up Eli and went to the Boat parade That was not very good. Talked to someone there where we were parked and he said it was too cold. It was. We still got a few beads there. We got a whole slew of them in GS parade. Here is the link to the pictures I took today. Also the ones from last Sat night are there too . Look for the Mardi Gras night time album. This is a big deal down here. The kids get out of school for the parades. Using Mc Ds wifi to upload pictures and do blog. Guess that's about it for tonight. Tomorrow we are having a potluck with some friends One couple is leaving this weekend. They are from Mo. Not sure if they are heading back or just moving on. Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Nice pictures. Some of those floats took a lot of work. Did the cold effect the number of boats that participated. Nice that you can have people there to potluck with. Sounds good. I always love potlucks - just always seem to eat too much.

  2. Nice that Eli got to go to at least one parade. Did he like it? Ha! Nice pictures. It looked like some of the floats were in at least two of the parades. What kind of material did they use on some of the floats--looked like maybe paper mache'or styrofoam. With the boats, were they close enough to throw beads without some of them going in the water? Too bad it was so cold. I noticed a lot of hoods pulled upon sweat shirts, etc.

  3. Tried to look at the pictures last night but had problems (again) with internet connection. It is working now. You got some really good pictures. Looks like it was a big parade. What are the floats made of? Sure were a lot of people.