Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 2

Today was another great day. It was a little cool this morning but warmed up . We had bean bag baseball this afternoon and right after that we had another boccie ball game. I was watching it and somebody came over and said they needed a nurse. One of our campers was slicing potato's  and cut his finger. We tried to stop the bleeding finally got is stopped part way. We decided he needed stitches so I took him and his wife to a redimed like place. He got 5 stitches. When we got back some of the people had sliced his potato's and were frying them out. We had our potluck dinner tonight. One club furnished the ham. It was a great time. Then Thelma and I came back and went and took showers.  Tomorrow morning us men are making breakfast for the women. Start at 6:30 Boy that is early. We will be doing eggs, sausage bacon biscuits and gravy orange juice and fruit. We eat at 8:00  Should be good. Tomorrow is our last day of the retiree rally. On Fri. starts the Invitational which is everybody else in the state . Hope we have a good crowd.  That's about it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. Haven't checked any of the blogs for a few days. That breakfast sure does sound good. Nice of the men to do that.