Monday, September 27, 2010


We are in Nashville. No not the Tenn one. Indiana one. We got here about 10:00 this morning and got set up and then I made sure the restrooms were unlocked and showers unlocked. Pulled the covers off of the electrical boxes. Then greeted those that came in the afternoon. We got about 15 rigs here now. More will come tomorrow. This noon Thelma and I went into town for some lunch. Can't believe  how busy it is. In a couple of weeks it will be worse. We bought some taffy at a candy store. Might have to go back before the weekend. This evening we went up and got the coffee pots ready to perk in the morning. I will go up and start them and then go back to bed. What I said I did  this morning is part of our job. We also advice the officers on various things. This is our first year at this campout. Last year is when we excepted the job. We also have what we call a get together in the spring. Last year we furnished hamburgers and hot dogs and everybody else brought passing dishes. Guess that's about it for tonight. Later all.  Ron Thelma and Eli.

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  1. Yeah, in a couple of weeks it will be peak season for the leaves. The people and traffic will be horrible. Sounds like you are going to be busy. How long does the campout last?