Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mini Parade today.

This afternoon they had a small parade at 5:30 Lasted about 30 Min.. Sat will be the big one. Not sure why they have this one. Lot of politicians in this one and probably more
Sat. We are going into town in the morning for breakfast. All the scrambled eggs pancakes and sausage you can eat. We have never went to this. So will see how it is. We went to a restaurant in Tipton tonight for my birthday. I ordered prime rib. It was the worst I have ever had I guess that's about it for tonight  More tomorrow. We are staying till Mon morning and heading home them. I got a lot of birthday wishes on FB. Later  Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Sorry you had such a bad meal on your birthday, no less. Maybe you should have gotten pork, since you're at a pork festival. Ha!

  2. That's too bad about the prime rib. It's terrible to go to a restaurant and pay out that money and then get a bad meal. Hope the rest of your birthday was better. There always seems to be a lot of politicians in parades especially at this time of year with elections coming up.

  3. Happy B-day Pop! I'm a couple days late. Have been working 12+ hours at work and not getting on pc much at night.

    Where did you go that you had bad prime rib? Can't be one of the older, more established restaurants in town. Or at least I'd hope not.