Friday, September 24, 2010

A lazy day

Today we didn't do much of anything. It was so windy here that Eli almost got blown away. We sat outside with our neighbors for awhile. We had chili for supper that came with the rally. It was pretty good but not enough spice in it for me. Tonight's entertainment was Jamie Coyne. Have not heard him before Wasn't all that bad but not the best. Thelma won a real nice necklace as a door prize. I will try and take a picture of it and post it. Tomorrow morning the Masonic lodge across the street is having all you can eat breakfast in the morning for a free will offering. Eggs sausage pancakes biscuit and gravy and drink. Then tomorrow evening the Volunteer FD is having a fish and chicken fry. We will eat good tomorrow. If I can get close enough to the computer tomorrow night I will tell you about all the good food. I hope.  Later All Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. I like days like that where you don't do anything. It was really windy here too. The breakfast sounds good and so does the fish and chicken.

  2. Better hang on tight to that little guy. I think he could blow away pretty easily. Not much poundage on him. With all that food, you may not need lunch. Have a good time.