Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another day down.

I should mention that the Spangler factory makes Candy Canes. They are the biggest in the states. Bob G commented so thought I would let the rest of you know. We bought some cinnabon flavored. Haven't tried them yet. Today we had project sales Mostly flea market type stuff. Not much of it either. Then this after noon was bean bag baseball. We did not play but watched a lot of them. The team from Michigan won. Got gold medals. Yea cost about 25Cent . Then later we had a DASAT seminar on what to do after a Disaster. Very informative. Then Thelma and I went out to eat. First since we got here. Sat with another couple from here. They are from Illinois. Had a great time visiting. Came home and had announcements and door prize drawings. We got one of those plug in smelly things. We are now back in the camper as we were sitting around a fire and the wind came up and we thought it would rain. So far it hasn't but decided to just stay in Well that's it for tonight It has cooled down to 73 from around 80 some earlier. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Was the seminar about what to do after a disaster if you are camping, or more general?

  2. It was really hot here yesterday - upper 90s. We went to the blueberry festival at Plymouth. It was not near as crowded as some years we have gone. I think it was too hot. I guess I am glad we didn't go today since it has really cooled off. They make so many flavors of candy canes nowdays it is hard to know which one to pick.