Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shelbyville, In

We arrived here about noon today. Carol was working at a school She substitutes when they need here which I think is all this week. We had left the trailer at tipton so it wasn't all that far here. It is raining  now. Not hard just a lite rain. There is a pioneer festival this weekend and then next week starting on Wed is a Samboree. I think we will enjoy the pioneer thing It sounds like fun. We will have a front row view of it as we are sitting right across the road from all the activities. We could have stayed a few more days in Tipton I guess but I think we wore out our welcome. We will just relax here for the next couple of days and then things get busy. We will have to move from this spot on Mon morning since the people from the samboree will come in. Well that is it for tonight. No Thelma does not have problems when we go to Sat night church. I think it is the not eating enough before taking the pills  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

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