Sunday, September 11, 2011

Going home tomorrow

Tomorrow we are going home for a couple of days. Leaving the trailer here. Doing laundry and picking up mail. Last night I went to the tractor pull it was pretty good. It only cost 5$ That ain't bad. This morning we went to church. Thelma didn't eat enough breakfast I guess. She got to feeling hot in church and got up to go out and almost completely passed out. We got her up and out into the hallway and she went down again. A lady that is a nurse  came out and told her to sit still. Someone called 911. The lady told someone to get her a coke from the kitchen . That seemed to help. The medics got there and check her blood. it was 132 so that had come up. Here BP and heart rate were okay two. We came home after church and she ate some cereal. For lunch we went to the Pizza Shack She ate good. So did I We won't be back here till spring if then. Not sure if we are coming down next year for the festival or not. I wasn't real pleased the way it went this year. The pull last night was the best. I had better company there from some other campers than people I know., The people at church this morning were great. Thelma was embarrassed. This has happened a couple of other times but not where she went down. And it has always been in church. Well we will leave here Wed morning for shelbyville. Should have a good time there. Our nephew stopped out this afternoon on his bike. Had a good visit with him. At least he wears a helmet. Smart man   Well that's it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Couple of days late Ron, but want to tell you that I have had both Dish and Direct TV. I much prefer Direct. It is easier to locate a satellite and tune in. Just have to have a clear shot to the Southwest Horizon, no trees For example it will not usually work at Johnny Appleseed CG except on a few sites.

  2. Tell Thelma to take care. Wonder why it happens in church--but like you said, maybe she didn't eat enough breakfast. Does she ever have problems when you got to Saturday night church?