Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tipton, In

We are in Tipton for the pork festival. Will be here till Monday morning. We got here this morning and set up. It quit raining for about an hour and we got set up. We then drove to New Castle In to the Montana dealer. Needed a part and also ordered a new landing leg. The right one has been giving us trouble. So they will put a new one on the 3rd of Oct when we are on our way home from Brown County. They sure are expensive. We went out tonight with Violet and Sherryl to a restaurant down in Cicero. Had Swiss steak It was good. The Quaker place is on Coliseum across from the ford dealer next to Olive Garden. It is in the old Don Pablo's They have a little bit of everything. Specialty is wings. I had a hamburger that was probably 1/2 lb. It was pretty good. Guess that's it for tonight Hope tomorrow is drier. I know they need rain but wait till Monday.  Later  Ron Thelma and Eli

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