Friday, September 2, 2011

Fri Night

Another hot day. The air has finally kicked off. This morning we went to the Spangler factory. Does the name DumDum make sense. They make a whole bunch of them every day. They also make circus peanuts and a couple of other things. We did not see the place where they make them. Saw a video of the kitchen as they call it. Health regulations. Also no pictures. Bummer there. Then we stopped at a winery on the way back. Yes we bought some wine  A couple of bottles of a barn Dance sweet wine. Can;t remember the exact name. Oh we bought some candy too. Some dumdums and a couple of other items. This evening they drew door prizes. We didn't win anything yet maybe tomorrow.They also had car races where you take a brown bag about sandwich size and make a car like picture on it. Fasten a straw on top. Then put a balloon in it and put a string thru the straw and then release the balloon. That makes the bag go to the wall. First one hitting wins that round. It was fun watching. Then we had snacks. Every body brought something. Some interesting stuff. Will see in the morning if it was worth it or not. Well that is it for tonight  later  all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. It seems to be a new trend on cutting back on any real tours at manufacturing places. Also on pictures, which really gets me.

  2. How can you mention Spangler Candy Co and not mention Candy Canes.? They claim to be the Worlds Largest producer of Candy Canes and make them all year around. Found the same thing at the Jelly Belly factory, just videos, no pictures.