Friday, March 19, 2010

Another day shot

Well another day has gone already. We only have one more full day here. We will do laundry in the morning. Then might go to the board meeting for FCRV. this morning Thelma and I went out for breakfast and then went to 2 flea markets. Didn't find one flea. I did buy a couple of mats one for in the camper and one outside the door that says welcome to our home away from home. They show a fifth wheel. One for seven or two for ten. So I got two. This evening we had a Lazania dinner. Everybody brought salads or desserts. Some of the people from the board meeting came and joined in. This was put on by the YARS group.
Then we had karaoke after that. It was pretty good.

We followed the house for about 20-30 min. It seemed like an hour. The Elvis was pretty good. He sounded a lot like Elvis. Tomorrow night we have our business meeting for Yars and then Sunday morning we go to Ladson for our Retiree rally. We will leave early as we need to get there to help with parking. That's about it for tonight Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Your headline (Another day shot) made me think that something had gone wrong - like a camper problem or a truck problem. Glad that was not the case. Sure sounds like a busy day. Did you sing at karaoke? I'm sure Eli was glad you didn't find any fleas.

  2. I'm sure that seemed like a long time. I know when we have been in traffic jams moving that slow, it seems like forever. Glad the weather has been nice for you. Has been nice the last few days but cooled off this evening and is really chilly. Not supposed to be all that nice the next few days.