Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Day

This morning we did two more loads of laundry. All dark. Since it has been so cold we have worn jeans and sweatshirts so have more dark loads. The one washer did not spin out right so the clothes were a little wet. It took a long time to get them halfway dry. Some are hanging on the line in back. In the afternoon Jack and I went over to Eglin armament museum. We walked around and looked at all the planes. Then we went inside. They were closing at 4:30 so we will go back and see the inside. It will take awille to do that. This evening we went to Lenten services here at St Paul's church elca. Good sermon. We will go Sunday there also. 8:00 services. They don't have a Sat night one. Tomorrow we are going to Foley to Lamberts restaurant. It will be a long drive but Jack and Barb want to go as they have never been to one. Eli will be mad when we get back. Guess that's about it for tonight. Later all. Will try and get pictures up one of these days. Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. You better take back a goody for Eli from Lamberts.

  2. Catch a few rolls for me!

  3. Always thought I would like to go to one of those but we have never done it. I agree with Shirley. Maybe he won't be so mad at you if you take him a treat.