Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here is a picture that I took of a Camilla at the park. I have some more to upload. They were scattered on the grounds around the Carillon. We are moving tomorrow to a campground by Savannah Ga. We will have wifi and cable.Yahoo. We only get a couple of PBS stations here at this park. I know now why people have satellite. We went to a town west of here and went to a Pizza hut for lunch. Got in just in time for the buffet. Just what we needed. We have only had pizza one time since we left Fort Wayne. Sure wish we could find a place like the Pizza Shack by the tracks in Tipton. We got to listen to the carillon at 4 again today. We were not back before that. They play 3 songs at a time. They can also have someone play it by manual if they want. Sure would like to see that. This would be a good place to spend a few more days. We need to get moving up the coast to Myrtle Beach for a mini rally. Guess that is all for tonight. Will probably post the pictures on the web site tomorrow night. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. I have always thought it would be neat to go to Savannah. Supposed to be a beautiful city with lots of history. And of course, I would like to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant, although I've heard there's always a long wait to get in.

  2. So when are you heading north?