Monday, March 22, 2010

Better Day

At least it didn't rain. It was cool and windy but at least we stayed dry. I think about all of the campers are in. We have about 253 rigs on the grounds. This is a fairground. I don't think it is set up the best for camping. They are supposed to have the campvention here in 2011. Not sure where they are going to put 400-500 units in here with electric. Maybe they will put up a lot of temporary hookups. We went into town tonight with a couple of friends and went to the slippery fingers. BBQ ribs, chicken, and pulled pork. This is what I ordered and brought home the chicken and pork. We have lunch for tomorrow. Thelma is already in bed and I am about ready also. After being out in the wind all day it really makes you sleepy. Tomorrow the rally starts officially. Now my job as photographer starts. I started with some today but now it is game on. Not much else new for now. So later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Cool and dry is certainly better than rain. I'm sure it has to get pretty messy when it rains. Sounds like you are going to be pretty busy taking pictures. How long does the rally last?

  2. For some reason I thought you had given up the job of photographer. Didn't you have to be pulled out at Brown County... like maybe last year.