Monday, March 1, 2010


Well we made it to Florida. Got here about 1:45. Nice big site. A little hard to get into as I had to back in on my blind side. I still don't like doing that after all these years. Jack and Barb came in right behind us. They came over right after we got parked so Jack and I had a beer and we talked for awhile and then they left and we finished getting set up. Got the awning out and tied down. Just got back to the trailer from a campfire that got cut short as it is raining. Jack brought us back to the camper. It is raining pretty hard. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. Probably some laundry as the weather is not predicted to be that nice tomorrow. The rest of the week is supposed to be really nice. We had a good trip over here from Alabama. The roads were good. We grilled hamburgers for supper tonight. That is the first we have used it since we have been south. This is a pretty small campground compared to the one we left Think about 40 sites here. I need to make a correction on the men on the Alabama. It only had 2500 men. It is 680 ft in length. Registered at 35,000 tons. assigned crew was 127 officers and 2205 men.She earned 9 battle stars and shot down 22 enemy planes during WW II. Will put more statistics on tomorrows blog. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. That's still a lot of men on one ship. Nice that Jack and Barb are there. Are they going to be there with you the whole time? Hopefully you will have some warmer weather there.

  2. So the campground is smaller--is that better? It probably would be to me. Did you bring along a small grill in the back of your truck?

  3. Ron, Your pictures are really good. You mentioned the USS Alabama but it looks like you were also on a submarine. What vessel was that? I didn't see that you gave the name of that one.