Monday, March 15, 2010

Today we went to the Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown. She is 888 ft long had a crew of 380 officers and 3088 men. And an air group of 90 planes. Here is a link to the pictures I took. There is also a sub there to tour The USS Clamagore. A 322 ft diesel powered sub. This one is bigger than the one I saw in Mobile Al. I did not see all the ship. It is two big and Thelma could not walk it all. She saw the flight deck and hanger deck. The flight deck is really big. I think the newer ones are bigger yet. I hope to come back to this area in another year as our Campvention in 2011 is at Ladson where the retiree rally is this year. A odd thing is I was talking to the neighbors next to us and the two guys married sisters that lived here in Charleston and they both served in the Navy. The one man thought that being on a sub would be neat so voluntered. Suring training they take you out for a short cruise. He was on the Clamagore. There is supposed to be a Destroyer here and a coast guard cutter. Both are being refurbished. It was a long day. We were glad to get home. Thats about it for tonight. Later Ron Thelma and Eli

No we don't need any more animals. One is enough that's Eli says.


  1. Great pictures. The size amazes me.

  2. Once again you have taken some great pictures. I think the bird is a cormorant.