Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tybee Island

Today we drove to Tybee Island to see the light house.

Here is the lighthouse and keepers house. At one time there was 3 keepers as they had to go up every four hours to put kerosene in the burner. It is 177 steps up. I did not make it all the way. I got to 100 steps and my legs were starting to shake so deceided to go back down. I guess I should have taken more time at first and maybe I could have made it. I think the view would be really good. I uploaded the pictures here. We have decided that we will try and come back to this area in another year. Our campvention will be in SC in 2011. So will try and come down this way early and do more sightseeing. Tomorrow we will move to a campground at Charleston,SC and do some sightseeing there. I want to see the aircraft carrier there and who knows what else. We will leave there on Wed morning and go to Myrtle beach for a rally and then on Sun Morning we go to Ladsen, SC for the retiree rally. Will be there till the following Mon and then head home. We have sure had a good time this winter even if the weather did not cooperate all the time. At least I didn't have to shovel snow. I guess that is about all for tonight. Have to move the clocks forward tonight. Oh one other thing my Boilermakers got trounced this afternoon. We did watch it all. Didn't watch it in the beginning and don't know what took place but it was bad.

Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Those are neat pictures. I love some of that old wood furniture in the keeper's house. I probably would not have made it all the way up to the top either, but it sure would have been a good view. Those keepers were probably younger than we are.

  2. Eleven points in the first half is what happened. They had a number one seed in the bag until their senior got hurt a couple weeks back. Can't think of his name but it sure hurt them. I love the pictures. You should think about submitting some to photo contests.

  3. Nice pictures. I love light houses. Tom and I always try to see them when we get to an area where there is one. We saw a couple of them when we were in Florida. I would take the temperatures you have had in exchange for the snow, although I didn't have to shovel it. Just got real tiring.

  4. Cool! Reminds me of Pensacola Lighthouse. I'll have to check out the pictures tomorrow, getting late here.

    Funny thing about the snow out at your house. Somehow it seemed to get shoveled about once a week. Haha!