Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Days to go

We have two more days to go. We have 265 units on the ground. Today was a busy day as I took pictures of all the activities and uploaded some to a new web site that I started. When I get them all uploaded will let everyone know with the blog. This evening we went to a steak house here in Summerville. Boy was it good. Thelma and I had shrimp and 8 oz steak. Brought part of the steak home. Two couples got a 51 oz steak. They had enough left over for at least two more meals. This evening they announced that a couple I talked too last week at a campground and gave them a membership folder came here to the grounds and signed up. What a suprize. I talked to them and told them what fun we had. They live here in Summerville. Another couple that just joined also live here and so they are going to try and start a club.Tomorrow we have a flea market and meal in the evening. Then the crowning of our retiree King and Queen. Then a ball after that. Well that's about it for tonight. Oh the elvis guy was terrible. Off key and didn't even look like him. Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Good grief - I can't even imagine what a 51 oz. steak would look like. Did they each get one or did they split it. Even then, that's a lot of meat. Did Eli get part of your steak?

  2. I think a 51 oz. steak probably looks like a steer. A whole steer.