Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another cold day

Well it was and is another cold day. 28 right now at 827 our time here. What is with this stuff. I think I'm going to sue the State of Texas for this cold stuff. They had freezing rain east of us here today. Shut down one of the highways So far we have not got any of that. We went to a dollar general today and got some garbage bags and zip lock bags. Went to a grooming place to see about getting Eli done and they cant take him till march  Need to find another place There is one in McAllen which is not real far. This one in Mission would have been really close. During the night Thelma got up to use bathroom and said no water. Sure enough the hose was frozen. I went out with a hair dryer and thawed the faucet out and then filled the tank. Will use it till it warms up over the weekend. It will warm up on Sat. Thank goodness. Eli is beginning to think we are back in Fort Wayne.  Thelma thinks we should get a patch for winter camping. some of you know what we are talking about. Think we will hunker down here again tomorrow. Might see what is going on at the clubhouse. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. I saw where you could get some freezing rain. Hope it stays to the east of you. Not fun. We are at a wind chill right now of
    -7. On a 2-hour delay for tomorrow. Will see what the morning brings.

  2. I don't think the state of Texas has anything to do with controlling the weather. The whole country has pretty much been affected. It warmed up enough here to start snowing. Looks like you'll warm up by the weekend. We'll still be cold.

  3. It isn't just our country. I was talking to a lady yesterday that has relatives in Ireland. They don't really have insulation in the houses because the weather is mild. Seems like all the pipes are freezing up - both in the house and in the ground because of the cold weather. Don't you just hate this global warming.