Friday, February 4, 2011


Well we got the ice they had predicted I found it out this morning when letting Eli out. Well it was on the truck last night went out and took a couple of pictures. I posted a couple on FB. Will put some more n here tomorrow. Didn't get them ready to post yet. When I let Eli out the carpet on the step was frozen this morning. Hit the bottom step and my feet went out from under me. Landed on my butt and elbow. Little sore today. We did not go anywhere today. It is supposed to be cold yet tonight and then warm up. Another cool spell to  come in next week but not like this. When the sun came out today the ice melted off the trees and hit the roof of the trailer. Sounded like hail. Yesterday a guy asked if I wanted some oranges they were picking to keep them from freezing. This morning I was up at the office and one guy asked if we like grapefruit said yes. Come on down and pick some It will freeze if not. Thelma and I picked a big bag of them. Used a picker on a pole worked pretty good. So we probably have a at least a dozen or more. Well guess that's about it for tonight. Think we are going to clubhouse in morning for breakfast and then maybe do some sightseeing. Try to find where some of the stuff is. Church tomorrow evening. Will be a little bit more drive than before.  Later Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Hate to hear that you had the ice. Taking a fall like that usually makes a person sore. Hopefully you will feel better tomorrow but sometimes it is worse after a couple of days. Nice that you got the oranges and grapefruit. Did they do anything to the roads or did they just let it thaw. I don't suppose they really have anything down there to clean with.

  2. Got to be careful on that ice. Hope your weather improves soon. Dennis talked to a guy in Tulsa today and they got some of that ice storm. I remember a couple of those from when we lived there. Think I'd rather have snow than ice. Sounds like it's a mess in Dallas and they are having the Super Bowl there. Too bad all the fruit crops are freezing