Saturday, February 5, 2011

A better day somewhat

Well at least today we had sun and it warmed up. Thank goodness. Last night about 2 am I woke up and thought it seemed cold. Got up and looked at the thermostat.  61 not good. So shut the thermo off and started again. The furnace started and then ran for about 3 minutes and shut off. Oh oh. So I put on some slippers and coat and went out and checked. Sure enough both bottles empty. I guess when I filled the last tank I forgot to turn the lever back to the tank it was drawing off of. So didn't see that one was empty. Got the electric heaters out and started them up. It kept it somewhat warm. Got up at 7:45 and took the tank down the road and got it filled. 23 $. I had been paying 16,80 at Donna. So only got one filled there. Came back and got the furnace working again. Took awhile. Could here it popping as the air got out of the lines. Then had to restart water heater. All that took was shut it off and turn back on. Then went up to clubhouse for breakfast. After that we took the other bottle to a different place not to far away and got it filled for 17:75  What a difference. We did not have any more ice last night. Just cold Here a couple of pictures from yesterday
This is the truck window Thurs night about 8:00

This is the field in front of our trailer. It really looked pretty when the sun shone on it

These are pieces of ice that fell off the tree by the trailer. Sounded like hail

This is another one of the field in front of us. It looks nice but the people around here had a heck of a time. A lot lost power and then they were having rolling blackouts due to the fact a lot of people were using electric heaters to stay warm.
Well guess that's about it for tonight. We went to Alamo for church and then went to a Mexican restaurant about a block away. It was good. We saw some people have a meal where you make your fajitas. I asked the waitress about it and they set it up for 2, 3 ,4 people. Think we will have that next week.  Later all Stay warm up north or wherever you are.  Ron "Thelma and Eli


  1. The ice can look pretty when the sun shines on it but it sure can do a lot of damage. How big are your propane tanks, like the barbecue size or larger? Is the fruit crop all lost? Hope you don't have any more real cold weather.

  2. I get fajitas a lot of times when we go to a Mexican restaurant. Usually more than I can eat and I take some home for another meal. Tom and I could share but he really doesn't do the fajita thing. Saw where it had warmed up there some. I'm getting really tired of getting snow.

  3. So you run your water heater on gas? We always run ours on electric. I assume you mean Alamo TX and not The Alamo?