Monday, February 14, 2011

Another great day.

This is the weather we have been waiting on. It was another nice sunny day. This morning we went to Denny's for breakfast and then stopped at the restaurant that we go to on Sat. night after church. They had some jewelry there that Thelma wanted to look at. On Sat. night it is so crowded that you can't even get to it. So we stopped today and I bought her some earrings and necklace that matched. Valentines day you know. Then we came back to the trailer. This evening there was a potluck at the club house. It was good a great variety of food. Thelma made Au gratin potatoes. There was nothing left.  The other day we went up town to see the Tom Landry mural. He grew up here in Mission and went to school here. I tried to get some pictures but it was hard. The color tyme rental place has trucks parked there part of the time and cars also park. there. Here is what i took

The last one shows how long this thing is. Wish I could get a good picture of the whole thing. Well that's it for tonight . Tomorrow we have a winter Texan meeting with FCRV people.  Oh Paul,  Neil is not doing real well. The lady that manages the campground went up Sunday and said if his wife wouldn't have been in there she wouldn't have known him. He has lost a lot of weight. It sounds like it will be a long road to recovery. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli  By the way Happy Valentines day to all

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