Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a bueatiful day

Boy I can't believe what a difference a day makes. This morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Had a little money on a gift card so decided to use it. We then came back and sat around till about 1 We then took of for Bentsen state park. This park was given to the State by the Bentsen family. You might remember Sen Lloyd  Bentsen. He was the one that told Dan Quayle your no Jack Kennedy. We took a tram tour and saw some birds. They were not as active today because of some of the cold weather we had. This place was flooded in July 2010. Hurricane Alex dumped a bunch of water upstream and it flooded down here. It came about 3 miles away from the river. Almost to highway 83 A lot of the places are still not fixed up. No money  We saw a few birds.
We can't remember what this bird is. I might find out later as we intend to go back to this place later this month

This is a bees nest. We did not stay here very long. The guide said don't clap or make any loud noises. What a mess that would have been

Golden fronted woodpecker It is hard sometimes to remember what is the name of the bird. We have a small folder that has some in but not all One more picture coming

This is a floating wall. If and when the Rio Grande ever floods again this will come up and keep the water from coming clear into the buildings They are building this levee all along the river. We saw some of this when we were at the estro lano grande state park.  Oh Forgot to tell you it got up to 80 this afternoon It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed it. Not sure what we will do tomorrow. We need to get Eli groomed. He looks like an orphan puppy.  Well That's  it for tonight  Later all  
Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Alvin looks that way too. He was supposed to get groomed last Wednesday but the appointment got cancelled because of the snow. I sure could use some 80s. It wasn't warm today but it did actually get above freezing. Nice bird pictures.

  2. That woodpecker, at least in this picture, reminds me of the flicker that we have out here. Hey, can they use that floating wall to keep illegals from crossing via the river? Glad you got some warmer weather again.