Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter Texan Lunch

Today was our winter texan lunch. It was at Harolds country kitchen. They have good food. It was a little late starting. After the meal they had a meeting. Next Tuesday we are going on a dolphin and sightseeing cruise. Not big boats but there will be 99 of us on the boat. Think it is a double decker. Hope I can get some good pictues. If not Thelma and I might go back and take a different one. This afternoon they came and installed the shade on the slide. Hope that it helps with the sun and heat. Here we don't need it as we are sitting where the sun doesn't hit it so much. Hope we like it. Tomorrow we are headed to the zoo at Brownsville. Going to start pretty early as it is going to get hot. Oh boy love that. We will get up about 7 and stop at Mickey Ds for breakfast. It will take at least an hour to get there. Maybe more. A lot depends on the traffice on the expressway. On the way home we saw a suv I think it was on its side on the east bound side. They were diverting traffice on to the frontage road. So far nothing on TV about it. Maybe late news. Well guess thats about it for tonight.  Later all
Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Enjoy the zoo. I love going to zoos.

  2. Dennis' folks lived in Brownsville on two separate occasions. Been so long ago I hardly remember, except going across to Matamoros to the marketplace. Enjoy the zoo. The dolphin cruise next week sounds really nice.

  3. Tom and I have been on a couple of dolphin cruises and never saw much. Hope you have better luck. It has been a little warmer here and a lot of the snow has melted. Sure wish we could get some of that nice warm stuff you have!