Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Windy day

This morning we got up and made coffee and then left for the flea market to pick out the color for the shade on the slide. Got that done and then came back and left Eli out. Oh we stopped at Burger King for a sandwich for breakfast. Thelma has a book Eat this not that. What they recomended they don't make anymore so we settled for 2nd. We left here a little after 11 to go meet a couple for lunch at the riverside resturant. It is on the Rio Grande. And I mean almost right on it. Too bad it was so windy and cold. The border patrol runs up and down this river day and night. The couple that we met are staying at chimney campground. The back of their trailer is right on river. After we ate we went back to their trailer for a bit. While there a BP boat came flying by. Not sure if they were going after somebody or they do that all the time. Hoping we get some good weather as we will go back and have hot dogs by the river. That should be fun. When we left this morning it was 64 degrees. While at the flea market it turned cold and by the time we started home it was 46. Boy what a difference it was. At the resturant three of us had a tenderloin. We each brought half of it home. You take it and cut it in half and fold one piece over and use it on the bun and bring the other part home. Boy is that good. Tomorrow think Thelma might do a load of laundry. We need to wash Eli's sweaters. He has both winter ones dirty. Not supposed to have to wear them here. Now he has on a tshirt and his Kekionga vest on. It was originally Buttons. We took her name off and he wears it now.  Guess that is about it for tonight. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. I know 46 probably seems cold but I would take that over what we have. At 9:30 it is 1 degree with a wind chill of -13. Supposed to get down to -9 tonight. Good thing you took Eli's sweaters along. Alvin gets groomed tomorrow and we don't even have a sweater for him. He is going to freeze. I looked for one a while back at Walmart and even bought one but it was too small. Guess I need to check the pet store.

  2. When those cold fronts come through it can really feel cold. When we lived south they used to refer to them as a "blue norther" coming through. Do you have a picture of Eli in the Kekionga vest?

  3. Hi Ron, here is my blog page: