Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here is some of the pictures I took on the so called Dolphin Watch. We might do another one next week They use ducks which are amphibious vehicles. Come from the old navy I think. Sarah the manager here told me about them. The guy that is not doing well was a Teen Director for Indiana NCHA back in the old days. We helped them with a teen queen tea in 1977 in Illinois.
See the 50 Cal Guns on the front. They mean business with this one

One of the dolphins

Two pelicans on a sign

Port Isabel light house. Didn't go up as we were short on time. It had been a long day for us and Eli He was waiting on us to come home. I think it is 77 steps up here. We might go back if we have time.  Today I go a haircut over at the Wall mart plaza 9:95 not to bad about half of what I usually pay. She didn't talk much but that's okay probably couldn't understand half any way.  Well  guess that's about it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Nice pictures. So why could you understand only half? Foreign?
    We went up in a lighthouse last summer when we were in Florida. Was a lot of steps with a landing every 10. Good thing as I would never had made it up all the way. I have a lot of trouble with my knees when I got up or down steps. They have ducks up at the Wisconsin Dells and we have gone on them - also in Branson.

  2. These are beyond ducks and call Aqua Dog.. They are huge more modern versions of the WWII ducks. They take you across the Laguna Madre to Boca Chica. Only runs a few days a week, so better check.
    Should have gone to Hope's barber shop on Conway only $5.00, also not much talk as they are all Hispanic, but they do a good job. Used to do Darlene and I for $11.00 plus a tip.

  3. Nice pictures. Sounds like a good day even if you didn't see that many dolphins. Hope you have time to do another one.