Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tour of Brownsville Harbor

Today we went on what we thought was a dolphin watch. We did see some dolphins but they did not jump like the ones we saw last year at Orange Beach Mostly we saw the port of Brownsville and other birds like Pelicans and sea gulls. We were really disappointed. I heard some other ones talking too and they were disappointed too. We  had a great meal afterwards. I was looking on line for another place down there. Don;t know if we will do it or not. Tomorrow I will have some pictures on here. Tomorrow is loafing day. We got up at 6 this morning. You know we don't like that at all. Took us almost two hours to get there. Diesel is up to 3:49 a gal around here. Might have to sell the house or take out a mortgage to get home. Lol. I read where some people think it will get to 5:00 a gal by the end of the year. Its no wonder with all the mess overseas. Well that's about it for tonight. Oh the guy that fell is not doing good. Sara called his wife today and he is giving up. Wont eat or do therapy. Sure hope they  get him over that.  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. I filled my tank tonight and paid $3.36 a gal. Didn't notice what the diesel was. The guy at the station told me that Fort Wayne was up to $3.75. We sure won't be doing as much this summer if it gets to that much. I can't remember who you said the guy was. Is it somebody you met down there or somebody you already knew.

  2. If you go back down to Pt Isabel or South Padre Island, take the dolphin watch from there. Much better and some open water in the Gulf. Gas and fuel prices are about the same in AZ

  3. Sorry the dolphin cruise did not turn out the way you expected. Gas out here just went over the $3.00/gal mark in the last week. At one station where Dennis gets diesel it was $3.26 the last time I looked but is probably higher now. I tried to find an older post on your blog where you told about the guy falling. Could not find it. Sorry to hear that he is not doing well.