Friday, January 21, 2011

Another good day

Today was a cool day. The furnace ran last night. Not sure just how low it got but tonight is supposed to be in the high 30 About  up to the 60s tomorrow. Today we went to a park just down the road about 11:30 and had lunch and then stayed for the jam session. This is where a bunch of different guy play guitars and people sing. They even had one guy play an accordion. it is one of those that is electric. Not like I had. We were they about 4 hrs. They played about 2 and half hours. We went a couple of weeks ago and decided to go again. After we move we will not go here as it will be to far. I'm sure there are others in the area where we are going. Think tomorrow we are going to a RV dealer that has an open house. Just curious to see what they have. Not the Montana dealer. Think he has cedar creek and maybe Cardinals. Well that's about it for tonight  Talked to Gary and today was his last day at the place he worked  His boss and another guy took he and Lisa out to dinner tonight. That was nice of them.  Okay  Later  all Ron Thelma and Eli who is standing on my lap while Thelma changes the bed sheets. That is another story 


  1. I wonder if the jam session you attended was at Casa del Sol. Darlene and I spent a winter at that park, its nice, but they are really big on shuffleboard and horseshoes. When you get to Mission, they do have jams about every other week or so. Alot of the parks have jams and most are open to the pubic at no charge.

  2. Better leave your check book at home.

  3. Electric accordian? I didn't even know they made those. Does Gary start his new job Monday?